CD-25 Compact Disc Player
CD-25 Compact Disc Player
CD player

Audio output level: 5V

Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz±0.5dB (tube output)、10Hz-20KHz±0.5dB (transistor output)

Dynamic range: ≥100dB

Signal-to-noise ratio: >94dB (tube output)、>95dB (transistor output)

Harmonic distortion: <0.005% (tube output)、<0.003% (transistor output)

Channel separation: >90dB Weight: 13.5kg

Dimensions (W x H x D): 430 x 137 x 357 (mm)

• This machine has two output options: transistor audio output and tube audio output;

• Vacuum tube and transistor hybrid precision high-voltage stabilized power supply, with extremely high voltage stability, extremely low AC ripple coefficient, and more "guts" sound performance;

• The digital and analog conversion chip is the advanced decoding chip PCMl796 of Burr-Brown Company in the United States;

• The chip has 24bit conversion accuracy and 192KHz sampling frequency, which can accurately restore every detail of music;

• The analog signal amplification adopts the high-precision, high-speed operational amplifier OPA2134 and OPA2604 of Burr-Brown Company in the United States;

• Equipped with a famous third-order GIC low-pass filter at the same time, which can effectively remove residual digital signal noise interference;

• The power supply is powered by a toroidal transformer with high magnetic flux and low magnetic flux leakage; thereby effectively reducing electromagnetic interference;

• The low-voltage analog power supply is powered by a precision regulated power supply, and the digital and movement power supplies are also supplied by independent precision regulated power supplies to ensure that each part of the circuit does not interfere with each other;

• With 3 sets of digital input interface, it can be used as a decoder. Used in audio decoding of digital devices such as computers, set-top boxes, CD/DVD turntables, etc.;