About Us
  • Brand story

    The founder of Shengya, Mr. He Zhuojian, is keen to study radio technology. He disassembled circuit boards by himself as a child to study and study. In college, he received a bachelor's degree in radio major from Columbia University in the United States. In 1991, Mr. He successfully developed the domestic commercial HI-FI pure bile split amplifier, creating a precedent for HiFi audio in China.

    Shengya’s activity in the market attracted the attention of its rigorous German partners. In 1995, it introduced its products to the European market. With years of continuous research and development and integration with German technology innovation, Mr. He has gradually become one of the leading audio experts in China. His products have been developed repeatedly. Awarded, highly praised and affirmed internationally: In 2000, it was selected as the "European best-selling audio product" by a German authoritative magazine; in 2001, it was the only full-point player in the main product evaluation of Norwegian audio; in 2003, it was awarded the "Second Prize" in the German Audio Competition, 2004 Audiovisual technology "Favorite Brand" in 2005 and 2005. In just a few years, Shengya products have become popular in the European and American markets and enjoy an international reputation. Today, it is the undisputed representative brand of China's audio industry.

  • Brand slogan: Shi Shangshenghua - Rising Every Moment

    Timely 一 It is similar to the pronunciation of "fashion" and "everyday", which means that the sound of "everyday" keeps moving forward to "up", and the products are always new and elegant.

    Shenghua 一 similar to the pronunciation of "sublimation", which means that the Shengya team continues to strive for perfection, so that the products continue to "sublimate" to a higher level. "Hua" also means "China". As a Chinese company, Shengya Audio is committed to bringing "The Voice of China" to the world.

  • Focus on the audio field

    The company focuses on the field of audio system engineering integration, adopting digital, network, multimedia, intelligent control, large-screen projection technology and products in the world today, and constantly practicing, summarizing, improving and grasping advanced design in various new system integration projects The concept allows us to always stand in the industry, closely integrate and widely apply the new sound culture concept and practice, which is a combination of style, innovative design and service.

    The company staff have many years of industry experience, are familiar with product performance and technical indicators, and have extensive experience in system product configuration and program design, engineering installation and maintenance. The technical person in charge also has many years of experience in sound technology engineering, and has experience in project implementation, program consulting and design, project management, and system overall program design, as well as rich project management experience.

  • Maintain technical exchanges with German foreign businessmen

    Since the introduction of the products into the European market in 1995, it has facilitated long-term technical exchanges and cooperation between German foreign businessmen, and has enabled Shengya's products to continue to integrate into the world's excellent technology.

    On the other hand, foreign businessmen have strict requirements on Shengya's products. Lingshengya's products are among the top Chinese audio brands in terms of technology and quality.

    Shengya Audio adheres to the rigorous and meticulous professionalism, constantly self-improves, meets the challenge, and provides users with satisfactory, thoughtful and assured technology and considerate after-sales service with a new and new operation method.

  • Shengya products are exported overseas

    Since the friendly cooperation with foreign businessmen in 1995, the product variety and business scale have developed rapidly. With the excellent quality and exquisite craftsmanship of Shengya audio products, Shengya products are exported to overseas and are well-known in many markets at home and abroad.

    The company will adhere to the corporate philosophy of quality as the core, strive for perfection, repay the society with products, and strive to convey the beauty of music to every music lover!